Livestream for Glacier Express

We were able to realize the live stream of the new Excellent Class for Glacier Express. The entire realization was planned and implemented together with Silvan Müller. Besides directing, planning the cameramen and creating the fade-ins, a video was produced in advance as a clip.

Glacier Express – We were asked for a live streaming, but the work was not that easy, as it seemed. It wasn't just streaming from an iPhone, but a rather complicated device (Tricaster system for television broadcasts), that is connected directly to a network, through which the event will be broadcast!

We always start with a clear concept of definition and purpose. With the agenda in hand, we went to the Glacier Express and took a tour with the film team, consisting of cameraman, sound engineer, lighting and brief agreements with the customer. We tested the devices again, to be sure, that they work well via Facebook's built-in live streaming service. Live streaming requires a fast internet connection and a backup just in case, that the connection should be broken.

We started early at 7 in the morning to be sure, that we could run through all possible scenarios and test all devices again for functionality. We did some rehearsals to make sure, that the quality was guaranteed during the live streaming. When all test runs were completed, we started production. Another video clip had to be shot, which had to be imported 1 hour later during the live stream, it was about the train inspection with those responsible. After the video production was completed, we started with it, assemble the video in the cut. Even under great time pressure, this succeeded without any problems, the video was ready.

After all of this was done, started the live streaming. Renowned economists, politicians and media representatives passed through the new Excellence Class of the Glacier Express, and their impressions were broadcast live, including their feedback and interviews with the crew of the Glacier Express.

A mobile camera team followed me and Silvan to invited guests, who enjoyed their Prosecco.

Live streaming is a complex undertaking, that requires clear definitions, functioning, high quality equipment and at least a backup of every single piece of equipment, in case one of them fails. In addition, the production team has to adjust to the recording conditions very quickly, especially in tight spaces, that none of them have scouted before. An experienced director is required, that ensures, that the production team can improvise on site with little effort. Also, the director has to make sure, that all concerns of those involved in the production of a livestream are addressed and resolved in good time. Indeed, the director plays a crucial role in this respect, by taking charge of the livestream. The director needs to have a clear vision of the goal and a plan, that the crew can rely on.

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Pascal Wasinger | Livestream Agentur