Webinar and online lessons for Yamaha Music School Zurich

Since more than 50 years, the Yamaha Music School offers a variety of teaching programs for children, teenagers and adults. Today more than 600.000 students at over 6.000 locations of over 20.000 teachers.

It is now possible, on one-to-one and group courses from home, at work or directly from the hotel pool.
After a detailed consultation, we have a complete setup with professional lighting, sound and several cameras put together, installed and commissioned.
The students are happy, that they never miss a lesson. It is also possible to invite a large number of participants, active or as a spectator. Another benefit of the web stream is, that the lesson is completely recorded and can then be repeated and viewed as often as required, as one would like.
Before: goes the teacher goes the knowledge too. Now: the knowledge remains and can even be shared.

As a Livestream Agentur, we feel honored, that the well-known brand Yamaha Music School puts their trust in us, to help them spread knowledge – Many Thanks!

Are you interested in a webinar??
We would be happy to advise you!

Pascal Wasinger | Livestream Agentur