Livestream for Wascosa AG

Wascosa is Europe's first provider of freight wagon systems, headquartered in Lucerne. Their livestream with presentations and discussions with high-ranking personalities from the rail sector should first be in Mainz, Germany, occur. The customs documents had already been submitted and the equipment registered. Due to the exceptional location, that caused the Corona Virus, the livestream was moved to Switzerland at short notice and therefore had to work completely digitally. As a livestream agency, we took over the entire production, from the conception, preliminary investigations, pre-production of films and design of the graphic elements up to the provision of material and crew and on-site support.

The short-term change of the location for the live stream from Germany to Switzerland meant of course, that the speakers could no longer give their presentations on site. That meant for us, that we had to find a solution quickly and efficient, in order to be able to integrate the speakers from Germany into the livestream. We solved this with a Skype version, which is specially geared towards broadcast. With that we could have a clean one, guarantee a clear tone and a solid picture for the discussion after the presentations. The presentations of the two speakers also had to be pre-produced. Here, too, we used a new tool, with which the speakers could record their Power Point presentations and themselves at the same time. The two video files, that emerged, were prepared by us for the livestream. The picture of the speakers could be integrated into the presentation without any problems and synchronously. Even the positioning of this picture could be designed flexibly.

The pre-production also included the design of the fade-ins, such as waistbands or the framework for discussion in the Skype call. There was also a competition during the livestream, for which we designed a countdown and tested various tools in advance, in order to be able to determine the winner without any problems. On the day before the livestream, there was also a pre-shoot in the same setting as the stream. The resulting video was cut on site and seamlessly integrated into the livestream the next day

The following pictures offer a look behind the scenes of the pre-shoot and production.

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