Livestream for Hotellerie Suisse

For the assembly of delegates of the Hotellerie Suisse Association, we designed a live stream together with our customer in our in-house studio in Schlieren, Zürich. The assembly of delegates largely consisted of several roundtables, with speakers and guests on site as well as with guests, which were connected live remotely via Skype. Another exciting challenge was the simultaneous translation from German to French and vice versa. For this purpose, we had the Flashlight company set up two interpreter booths and used one of their sound engineers to do the mixing.

The Skype connections were tested with the respective people in advance of the stream. Not only, to test the connection, but also for a short briefing on the process and the best possible positioning in front of the camera at home. This means that the guests at home are also well prepared and feel comfortable at their appearance.

As a livestream agency, we took over the technical support for the stream, the set design and delivery of the entire film- and directing materials, as well as looking after the speakers and guests, after and during the stream. Our team consisted of a director, two cameramen, a producer, a production assistant and a sound engineer.

We thank you for the wonderful cooperation and look forward to future joint projects.

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Pascal Wasinger | Livestream Agentur