Livestream for Vaudoise Insurance

In cooperation with eyevip cloud AG and xtendx AG, we produced the Vaudoise insurance webinar series. We took over the technical coverage on site with cameras, Light and live direction as well as the graphic design of the stream. The landing page and the player were provided by eyevip and xtendx. Our other services also included the implementation of several media training courses, to prepare the speakers for their mostly first appearance in front of the camera. With these trainings, the speakers will not be thrown into the deep end on the day of the webinar, but feel comfortable and secure and can concentrate on the content of your presentation.

Three webinars were streamed per day from the main Vaudoise location in Lausanne. Four people from our team were always on site: One director, a camerawoman, a sound engineer and a producer.

With our live directing system it is possible, Bring different camera settings into the stream in the live cut and also integrate a Powerpoint presentation without problems. Often times we use a picture-in-picture composition, where both speaker, as well as presentation are visible. This results in an exciting design of the stream, that keeps the audience's attention.

It was our pleasure, to be able to hold this series of webinars by Vaudoise Versicherung and we look forward to more exciting ones, common projects. See you next time!

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Pascal Wasinger | Livestream Agentur