Media training

Media training

Media training - How to look confident and perfect your appearance in front of the camera

Giving a talk in front of a camera is not the same thing, as giving the talk in front of an audience. An audience gives feedback, the camera doesn't. You should look at as many people as possible in front of an audience, in front of the camera you have to focus on them – it is the direct link to the viewer.

That can be very strange at first. That is why we also offer media training within our livestream services. This is how the speakers become familiar with the camera, experience how they look in front of the camera, how to stand correctly and feel comfortable and secure in your appearance during the live stream.

The worst, what can happen, is, if you can't say a word because of nervousness on the day of the livestream. This is not a shame, but can be avoided thanks to media training. And we also recommend for recurring webinars, to hold a dress rehearsal.

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