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livestream SHOPPING

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Presentations. Trainings. Meetings. Interactive, Live and On-Demand.


Live on site and out into the whole world.


Garantieren Sie allen Gesellschaftern eine Teilnahme.
Ein Livestream kennt keine Landesgrenzen.

inhouse studios

The perfect place for your livestream or webinar - in Zurich Schlieren and in Technopark Zurich.

Film pre-produktion

Intro. Outro. Product films - We produce advertising-quality films for your stream.

Media training

How to perfect your appearance in front of the camera.


Wir produzieren und vermieten individuelle Sets für Ihren Stream.



– Conceptually

– Visual

– Technical

– Organizationally


– Conception

– Organisation & Coordination

– Setting up a Webinar

– Equipment

– Graphics

– Title 

– Set Design

– Media training


– Construction Technology

– Make-Up & Hair

– Live Regie / Care, support

– Cameras, sound & light

– Stream on different channels

– Live Interaction / Q&A

– Survey

– Making-of Foto & Video

– Dismantling


– Videos On-Demand

– Preparation for Podcast

– Social Media Material


Livestream Agentur sees itself as a full-service provider for professional live broadcasts
From the advice, concept to production.

Pascal Wasinger

As a filmmaker specializing in advertising and companies, Pascal Wasinger knows how to put personalities in the best light. A perfect illumination, a clean sound as well as a professional staging of the picture lets companies and their employees shine in their self-presentation – this also applies to live streams and webinars today, Be one of the first to benefit from it – the Livestream Agentur will take care of it for you and give you coaching regarding camera presence.

Roberto Arias García

Roberto Arias Garcia brings many years of Marketing- & Sales experience from international companies and Swiss SME. His large network and his industry knowledge from various sectors support the business development of the agency. Personal customer service and customer proximity are the key to success for him.

Basil Wunderlin

Basil Wunderlin joined our agency in January 2022 as Technical Project Manager and Team Leader. He brings many years of experience in video and audio technology as well as in the area of client support and account management. Together with his team, he will manage client consulting, conception, planning and implementation of transmissions.

Naomi Erlich

With her background as an animation filmmaker, Naomi Erlich has experience in the creative field and knows, how to best tell a wide variety of stories. Thanks to her time at SRF, she has both editing- as well as gaining journalistic experience. At the Livestream Agentur she mainly takes on the role of producer and assistant director.

Fuat Davulcu

Fuat Davulcu has several years of experience in film and photography, not least because of his many years of work as a event photographer and filmmaker, what benefits him and us in live productions. His cinematographic skills as well as his editing expertise are indispensable for the Livestream Agentur. He mainly takes on the role of the cameraman, both for livestream productions and film shoots.

Rocío Cañuelo Jiménez

Rocio Canuelo Jiménez moved to Switzerland from Madrid after studying audiovisual media. During her employment at Grupo Area 51 SBA she improved her skills in video editing and stage lighting for scenery, with which she now supports the Livestream Agentur in the preparation of the staging of each live show. Most of the time, however, you can find her on the camera looking for the best picture.

Cristina Garcia

Cristina Garcia has just successfully completed her 4-year training as a media technician and already has knowledge of web and graphic design. Thanks to her apprenticeship in education, she knows how to approach people and how to master high demands and expectations. At the Livestream Agency, she is responsible for the design, further development and maintenance of the website and social media channels. This also includes developing relevant content and creative storytelling.

Luna Marjasthang

Luna Marjatshang has just successfully completed her 4-year training as a media technician and is ready for her next challenge. At Wasinger Media House she will continue to deepen her knowledge in film and photography, some already call her Luna Tarantino. With her degree in her pocket and the practical knowledge she already brings with her, Luna is a great asset to our team.

Ray Kroi

Ray Kroi has been making films for 14 years now. He ran his own production company until 2021 after working as an assistant director and producer for a few years. His passion for filmmaking began during his studies at ETH Zurich, where he shot music videos and then smaller projects before moving into advertising. Early in his career he met Pascal Wasinger, who became his mentor and for whom Ray now works at Wasinger Media House. Film has always been a great passion for Ray and he is grateful to be able to pursue his profession doing what he loves. And we are grateful that he is doing it with us.

Roman Louis

With 18 years of professional experience in advertising, communication & media, Roman is more productive and efficient than ever. 10 years of project management, consulting, concept & production of photography and video make him a competent consultant for visual projects in every phase. 7 years of online & social media marketing qualify him as an expert for all digital communication issues.  Authentic. Loyal. Team player. That’s how Roman can be described in a few words.


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