Whether company-wide employee information, an interview with the new CEO, a presentation of the latest financial figures or a panel discussion – with live video streaming you can broadcast the virtual or hybrid meeting without restriction, both for internal and external target groups.


— Reaches potential and existing customers, employees, interest groups such as the media.

— Generates interest and visibility for brand and company.

— Community grows thanks to interactions and comments on social media.

Bringing a product to market via live video streaming is one way of consistently increasing your sales. This type of product presentation attracts a lot of attention and shows the product and the brand in the best possible light.


— Can be easily combined with other sales and marketing formats.

— The engagement of the audience is increased by the impact of real-time videos.
— Suitable for increasing awareness and awareness of the company.

Having a live demonstration of a product or service is the most cost-effective way to drive sales. A live demo shows this clearly, involves potential customers and motivates them to buy.


— A live demo is easy to implement, it saves costs and is uncomplicated.

— Sales promotion through the integration of reference cases, testimonials, offers.
— Can be supplemented with market research results, product tests or announcements.

Training courses and webinars can be used flexibly to impart knowledge, for sales or marketing. They are particularly suitable for employee training courses, online training courses or even consultations.


— Improvement of customer loyalty through a personal, interactive exchange.

— Strong lead generation and, according to experience, a high conversion rate.

— Low costs due to low planning effort.

Here are a few figures and qualitative findings from live streaming studies that show the growing importance of live video streaming:


— The use of video streaming can increase sales by up to 40%.

— Landing pages with video content lead to up to 80% more conversions.

— Streams grab viewers‘ attention about 27% longer than static content.

— Better visibility and reach on social media because live streams are better rated by the algorithms.

— Streaming is entertaining and informative, which creates strong customer loyalty.

Source: Dacast Live Streaming Statistics / USA, GB / July 2021