Livestream for the R. Nussbaum AG webinar

Die R. Nussbaum AG is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of sanitary systems in Switzerland. As a livestream agency, we set up the entire production for their webinar “Trinkwasserhygiene Glasklar”: From the initial consultation to the pre-production of single-player videos as well as an intro and outro, up to the complete support and provision of the material and the crew on several livestreaming days.

The on-site film crew consisted of one director, a producer, two cameramen, a sound engineer and a production assistant. The webinars were each led by a moderator and two other speakers. There were several executions on different days, either in German or French. As with the livestream for the Bildungsdirektion Zürich, the viewers of this webinar were able to ask their questions using a chat tool, which were transmitted to a monitor and answered live.

Some of the webinars were held on site at R. Nussbaum AG demonstrated. So that this live broadcast worked smoothly and the webinar came as close as possible to an on-site presentation, In addition to the services mentioned above, we also produced a television suspension specially designed for Nussbaum in their CI-CD, which was set up on site at the customer's premises. Overall were from the Livestream Agentur 18 constructed such suspensions. The delivery of the televisions to the respective R. Nussbaum AG was also one of our services.

In the run-up to the webinars, we held media training for the speakers. This helped, to give the speakers a secure feeling for the presentation in front of a camera, which is strikingly different from a presentation in front of an audience. We conducted these media training sessions with almost the entire workforce at R. Nussbaum AG, up to the squad.

Statement videos of three people were made in preproduction, which were included in the presentation of the webinars. These were produced by the Livestream Agentur, edited and subtitled for the French webinars. An intro and an outro video were also created from specially shot material, to give the whole webinar a uniform framework.

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Pascal Wasinger | Livestream Agentur