Live stream with aroma and Eyevip

In cooperation with the event agency Aroma and the event management company Eyevip, we supported an energy company in the digital implementation of their annual retailer event. This was broadcast live twice in one day, once even including simultaneous translation. As a live stream agency, we took over the complete technical side of the live broadcast, as well as the creation of the graphic elements in the stream such as the start- and pause pictures and name fade-ins (Abdominal bands).

The bilingual broadcast of the webcast in the afternoon was an exciting challenge, once in German and once in French. The stream was transmitted to two separate players in the respective language.

On the day before the live stream, not only was the entire technology set up on site at Aroma in Oerlikon, but also the main rehearsals with the speakers. Our livestream agency first carried out media training. Although they were very experienced speakers, they appreciated it very much, to experience the intricacies of a live stream production. A short coaching is definitely worth the time.

We would like to thank everyone involved, who got involved in this event and are looking forward to further joint projects. The following pictures allow a look behind the attractive scenery.

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Pascal Wasinger | Livestream Agentur